About Us

Welcome to You,

My name’s Felicia, an entrepreneur with big goals and ambitions.  Born in Toronto and raised in Brampton, I have had the privilege of experiencing the vastly developing society we live in.   Following a life altering obstacle in 2006, I have chosen to follow my dreams and express myself artistically in any possible way I can.   Through art, one can escape to a world where life has no trials and tribulations.   One of five children coming from a family with a history of art and culinary excellence, I want to ensure that I leave my mark.

I started You to showcase not only my talent, but to provide other members of the Greater Toronto Area with forms of art that they may not have otherwise had the chance to experience. I hope that You cakes will provide parties of all calibers with a sense of what else cakes of the 21st century has to offer.   We specialize in custom ordered cakes that not only look fantastic, but are guaranteed to taste good as well.  You is dedicated to 100% excellence in all of our products.

You originals is a company created with YOU in mind.  We realize that without a strong foundation, there is no hope for the future of this company.  Our customers are the foundation.  We recognize each client as an individual with their own unique and creative mind and do our best to bring their internal visual ideas to life. 

Stay Sweet, Stay Sexy, Stay True… Stay You,